Vaccine rules and starting the 2020 school year

Here we go again, it’s August which means school is about to start! YAY!

Oh, wait.. .there's that whole COVID pandemic thing so school will be remote for the majority of kids in Washington. Setting aside all of the Big Feels that remote-learning brings for families, it is also time to get your kid’s vaccine paperwork filled out and turned in.

"But, Dr. Brandy, school will be at home. The school nurse doesn't need my vaccine paperwork until they go back in person, right?"

Actually, they do need it now. Annoying, right? The schools are still responsible for turning in their vaccine statistics to the state which means you still need to turn in the paperwork BEFORE the first day of school. According to new rules that were implemented this year, all paperwork must be turned in by the first day of school and there will not be a grace period like in the past. Before school starts, you need to turn in an official vaccine record (printed from the state registry by either yourself or your child’s physician) and/or exemption form signed by your child’s physician. Again, this is new!!!

"Well, I can just call my doctor's office and have them fax/email/send me the paperwork."

Unfortunately, most doctor's offices can't do that. BUT, you can pull your child's own vaccine record from