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Summer 2021 Happenings

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

School Vaccine Records

It's that time of year again! We are only halfway through summer however school registrations are due and schools are asking for vaccine records. There are two ways to obtain your child's official vaccine records: through or through your pediatrician. If you have trouble accessing them through MyIR, Krista is able to access those records and upload them to your Elation Patient Passport portal. We are not able to e-mail them directly due to HIPAA and privacy laws.

If you are in need of a vaccine exemption form, you will need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brandy. Going on vacation for the month of August? No problem! That visit can be scheduled virtually by going to and scheduling a Telehealth visit.

Introducing Krista

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far, from the extreme

heat to the downright chilly!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce Krista. Krista is our new office assistant. She is virtual so you won't see her in the clinic but you will hear her voice answering our phones! Krista comes to us from the Philippines and has a background in nursing and working as a medical scribe.

Krista will also be performing the duties of a scribe. She will be charting for Dr. Brandy during naturopathic visits but the great thing is that you won't even know she is there! She will not be able to see you or me but she will be listening in on visits so that Dr. Brandy can focus more on you!

Amy Frazier, LM, CPM

Some of you may have met Amy already, some may not have. Amy Frazier, LM, CPM has joined with Dr.Brandy on the Midwifery side of her practice. Amy and Dr. Brandy have been attending births together since February 2020 and it worked so well,that Amy is now an official part of the birth team! Amy will be doing some prenatal and postpartum visits and will continue attending births as a second midwife, further enhancing your safety.

Virginia Morris, ND

Another staffing addition we have is Virginia Morris, ND. Dr. Brandy is phasing out of adult primary care in order to focus on pediatric primary care and midwifery.

Dr. Virginia has been in private practice for over 10 years and brings a wide range of experience to your primary care needs. To schedule with Dr. Virginia, click here.

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