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What is a doula?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Let me start by saying that I am not a doula. I am a midwife. What is the difference, you ask?

A midwife is someone who carefully screens and assesses people during pregnancy for medical complications. They are there to oversee the health of the pregnant person and the baby. A doula, on the other hand, has zero involvement in the medical aspect of pregnancy and birth. This is a great poem that describes what a doula does.

If the Doula Disappeared…No One Would

Sep 5, 2013 by Amy Gilliland

Shut the door

Cover every toe with the blanket

Make sure the curtains overlap

Persevere until we find just the right spot

Remind you to ask questions

Repeat what was said to you during a contraction

Move the yukky towels from your sight and smell right away

Shut the door again

Restart the playlist

Work with your nurse, helping him or her to get to know you

Repeat your visualization with each contraction

Be calm

Be the extra pair of hands

Fetch anything you wanted

Anticipate what you need

Keep a catalog in their head of what makes you feel better

Have your comfort and well being as the #1 priority

Make sure your loved ones are informed

Know how to interpret your medical provider’s concerns in language a tired laboring brain can understand

Shut the door again

Give your partner a break and remind him or her its okay to eat

Keep the focus on you

Remind you that you are having a baby

Help the nurse

Tape your photos in the room

Understand medical procedures and explain what you might feel in advance

Believe in you and your ability to birth your baby

Remind you that you can say “no” or “not now”

Help you find your voice

Be there with you the whole time

Make sure your partner got to do what he or she wanted to

Shut the door again

Remember to fetch the baby book

Change the room temperature

Recall your deepest birth dreams and help to make them happen

Console you when they don’t

Reflect your rhythms

Take detailed notes of what people say and write down what happened

Empower you to advocate for what you want

Try other things first

Disappear when you need privacy

Understand how each pain medication may affect you and your baby

Know your birth memories and satisfaction will affect you the rest of your life

Protect the space

Keep irrelevant activities from distracting you

Offer unconditional support free from future obligations

I love doulas. A good doula is worth their weight in gold! Hire a doula for your next birth!

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