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Labor tub being filled at Moonrise Health and Birth Center.

Home Birth Supplies

Even though Dr. Brandy isn't doing births any more, she still wants others to be prepared and successful! Here are some things that she recommends for your home birth. 

The following are links to order some things from Amazon to make it easy for you! 

*We may make a small amount when you click on these links.

Birth Kit
If you are delivering at home with Dr. Brandy, this is the birth kit to order from
Coconut oil
​Have you heard of meconium? Meconium is baby's first poop and it is black, tarry, and sticky! A fabulous trick is to slather baby's bums and genitalia with coconut oil to make it easier to clean baby's bum.
Cramp Bark tincture
This is a great herb for after-pains as an alternative to ibuprofen. The more babies you have, the more likely you will have stronger after-pains/cramping.
Hydrogen Peroxide
We usually don't have a lot of blood at birth but this will get blood out of just about anything!
Used in the postpartum when you go to the bathroom, this cool peri-bottle allows you to aim properly! If you get this one, you can remove the peri-bottle from the birth kit (that one is an old-school bottle).
Perineal Spray
A soothing, healing, and cooling spray for your bits after birth.
Plastic to cover bed
Make the bed with a set of sheets, then place plastic sheeting over that. Finally, put another fitted sheet over plastic. You can also use a zippered mattress cover however this way of sandwiching the bed allows for you to crawl into clean sheets in the postpartum!
Sitz bath herbs
Great for postpartum healing!
If you are renting a tub from Moonrise, you will need a tarp to go under it.
The Essential Homebirth Guide
You're one-stop resource for giving birth at home!
One of these comes in your birth kit but this is Dr. Brandy's favorite thermometer.
You will need a stack of towels as we use these for baby immediately after birth as well as for drying the laboring person off as they get in and out of the tub or shower. You will need about 6 if you are not having a tub and about 12 if you are having a labor tub.
Trash bags
You can encase your pillows in these to create waterproof pillows.
Witch Hazel pads
Great for postpartum perineal healing and hemorrhoids!
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