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  • Dr. Brandy Ross

Constipation in Infants

Updated: May 5, 2023

How often does your baby poop? Is it soft, hard, big, small, pebbles, green, brown, or have undigested food? In infants, poop doesn't have to be hard to

An infographic picturing different infant poops in diapers with funny descriptions.

be considered constipated. While some pediatricians will tell you that it's normal for a breastfed baby to poop once a week or even every 10 days, I will tell you that just because it happens to a lot of people doesn't mean that it's healthy!

Addressing constipation in infants and children comes down to more than just giving them prunes or prune juice. We have to back up (pun intended) and figure out why they aren't pooping. Sometimes it's an easy solution and sometimes it can take a while and lots of investigating to figure it out.

Dr. Brandy has treated countless cases over the years with great success at getting at the root cause.

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