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Moonrise Testimonials 

Moonrise Health is all about approaching healing from a personal standpoint. They have renewed my faith in what the medical system could be. Putting people first is what the staff at Moonrise does, and it shows. Their unique and natural approach to medicine is breath of fresh air in a medical environment focused on prescribing prescription drugs.



Brandy is very professional but feels like a friend. My husband and I are both very comfortable with her-a doctor... That doesn't happen for me :-) She always has an answer for our questions, is very patient and confident. We could not recommend her more.  
We love Dr. Brandy! Her presence at our birth and skills in birthing our boy were amazing! In the retelling of our story I always add that I am so grateful for our decision to do it at home. Even when facing a lengthy hiccup in our labor she stayed by our side and creatively pulled me through to the home birth we desired. I am unbelievably grateful for all of her knowledge and expertise. I wouldn't hesitate for a second recommending her to another mama!
After my first visit with Brandy I'm confident I have found a healthcare provider who is truly interested in my health and well being having the education and experience needed to work with me using natural remedies to help my body resist disease and heal itself. I feel like Brandy is there for her patients and gets to know them. We're not just a name on a chart, backed up with test results and numbers. What a blessing!! Thank you Brandy!! :)
Being a Naturopathic Physician and Midwife makes Dr Ross's care second to none.Dr Ross was the first of seven midwives to accept me as a vbac patient without hesitation or giving the impression that my birth was going to be an imposition.My family and I were so impressed with the quality of care that Dr Ross provided during my pregnancy, we decided to stay with her as our family physician.You are in a knowledgeable, professional, and truly caring set of hands when you are with Dr Ross.
Happy Mommy
Brandy and birth team are amazing! They never seemed put off by the number or type of questions I would ask and I always left my appointments feeling like I was able to make informed decisions about my pregnancy. When it came time to birth my baby, Brandy and team slipped into my home, got everything set up quietly, and allowed me to birth the way that felt most natural to me. I felt confident in their ability to take care of baby and me. It was the best birth experience a girl could ask for!
I came to Brandy six years ago in a bad way: chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, candida infection, you name it. Brandy has been a breath of fresh air, making it clear she would be my advocate and would stand by my side through this ordeal. Six years later, there was no question who would be my midwife, and who will be my pediatrician :) Thank you Dr. Ross for helping to restore my health beyond my dreams!
She's an amazing midwife, but she's an even better as a naturopath and getting our bodies functional and healthy. we spent years struggling with infertility to get our daughter, and now that we are TTC again she's here to help us figure out how to make it work without IVF and expensive fertility treatments that didn't work the first time around. Unexplained infertility doesn't have to be unexplainable, the doctors just weren't willing to take the time to get our bodies healthy from the core.
Dr. Brandy is very thoughtful and caring. She was with us for our homebirth and she continues to be my son's physician. I have learned so much from her and look forward to the future with her as our doctor and midwife. She takes the time to really get to know you and what your desires are and does the absolute best job at discussing the practicality of vaccinations. I have recommended her to friends and would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a refreshing experience.

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